Domony valley

– „How did you find Domonyvölgy, how did you discover this majestic landscape?”

– „When we decided to move from District 17 of Budapest, we spent a great deal of time thinking where to go. We had a rough idea in our minds of a business involving Hungarian hospitality, Hungarian cuisine, horses and other animals… this is what we wanted a place for. My friends told me it would be worth looking around in the Gödöllő area, as it is near to the capital, and the Royal Palace of Gödöllő is an important landmark for tourists. So we started browsing in the region, came across Domonyvölgy, saw this landscape where there was a sheep farm at the time. Within a minute we felt that this was the place we were looking for as the place for the business.”

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2182 Domonyvölgy, Fenyő utca 47.
GPS: Sz.: É47.62949 H.: K19.40773

+36 28 576 510

+36 28 576 511


At your service:
Darázs György, director: +36 30 396-8002
Gönczöl Anita, sales manager: +36 30 444 9330
Kocsis Barbara, sales manager: +36 30 871 3424
Sima Tímea, sales manager: +36 30 683 1208
Fanyar-Aszódi Mariann , sales manager: +36 30 683 5341

/Please discuss the event’s menu with the colleagues above!/
Madarász Balázs: +36 30 683 1212

Stud Master:
Szegedi Gábor: +36 30 229 5496
/horse trading, fodder purchasing, hiring grooms/

Company details:

Name of company: CBA L és F Kft.
Address: 2182 Domony-Domonyvölgy, Fenyő u. 47.
VAT number: 10783933-2-13
EU VAT number: HU 10783933
Company Registration number: 13-09-081074
Licence number: 18/2014 (Domony Község Önkormányzata)
Statistic id. number: 10783933-4711-113-13

Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Bank address: 1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 21.
HUF bank account: 11794008-20501905-00000000
HUF IBAN: HU 89 11794008-20501905-00000000
Euro bank account: 11763945-00237888-00000000
Euro IBAN: HU 85 11763945-00237888-00000000

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