Our nine-hectare grass park, and indoor facilities provide a great venue for team building programmes, family days, or conference support events, regardless of the weather.


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Our most popular programme is the traditional horseshow providing an introduction to carriage driving and the world and history of the horsemen.

 Equestrian Show

Forest carriage ride

16-18 people sit in one carriage to ride through the Natura 2000 special nature preserve , and parts of the forest surrounding the park.

Carriage driving competition

A unique opportunity for you to also become a champion! In cooperation with an assistant groom, you can take part in a two- in-hand carriage driving competition on an obstacle course built according to FEI (International Equestrian Federation) regulations.

Cooking competition

Cooking pots, firewood and ingredients are all provided, but it is up to the culinary skills of the guests to create delicious dishes.

“Birth of a horse”- game

Teams are provided with a variety of materials from which they have to create the most beautiful horse possible in a limited amount of time. When the horses are ready, a jury judges the creations.

Puszta Olympics

Choose from almost 40 fun themed games for playing solo or in teams.

 PUSZTA Olympic Games in the Lázár Equestrian Park

Overthrowing the throne

Based on an old Swedish outdoor game, this wooden skittle game involves both skill and strategy. Players have to overcome the enemy and eventually the King, using wooden skittles.


Themed events

Choose a theme and dress up accordingly! Could be western, middle ages, hunting, gambling, retro, or even a pig killing!

Folk dance and folk music

Our four member Gypsy Orchestra with cymbalo, clarinet, viola and first violin are delighted to play for you during your meal. Folk singing, complemented with double bass and dancers give a taste of Hungarian, Transylvanian and the local Galgamenti region folklore.

Further programmes

Special and extreme team building programmes for our visitors include quads, GAZ66 Russian army vehicle, forest trails, driving tanks, GPS adventure games. With playrooms, arts and crafts for children, concerts, presentations and shows there is really something for everyone here.

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