The nine-hectare equestrian park located in a green forest area close to Budapest is a much sought-after events venue. Our central complex consists of three different styled dining halls we call lodges, and “The Hunter” functions room. The rooms can be opened up or separated depending on the number of guests.

The most ornate lodge with beautifully carved interior wooden beams. Chefs cook in front of you on the Terrace.

The first hall to be built, typical Hungarian style, with 296 small windows looking on to the centre of the park, to the valley opposite and to the grazing horses and Hungarian grey cattle.

With walls decorated with horse paintings by József Barkóczi, and a large projector screen, this is an ideal venue for conferences.

Belonging to the Terrace Lodge, but with a separate entrance, the walls of this smallest room are decorated with hunters’ trophies and prints.

The wine cellar, including wine racks, is situated under the Tower Hall and is suitable for wine and palinka tasting events for small groups, and an ideal venue for holding fortune telling and card reading events for larger groups.

The 1800 m2-indoor riding hall was completed in 2017, has seating for 250 and access for disabled people. There is a great view of the whole park from the tower. The horse theatre show is held here in bad or cold weather. This large indoor area can be rented for events.

The main venue for the horse theatre show, the covered tribune area has seating for 350 guests, and can be increased with benches as required.

The chapel was consecrated on April 23, 2016 and the grass area with the gate of happiness is a popular venue for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The Lázár family had the chapel built in memory of Vilmos Lázár senior.

There is an earthen oven on the terrace of the Old Lodge, adjoining a covered area perfect for setting up a drinks bar, and big enough to cater for the guests of even two lodges if necessary. On the terrace of the Tower Lodge there are two earthen ovens, a place for roasting a piglet over charcoal,  and a grill counter. With our giant pans and grills we can cater for 500 to 600 guests at a time.

A great favourite for the children is the EU compliant playground complete with slide, castle, swings and flying fox swing.

A display of the champions’ trophies: medals, cups and goblets won by Vilmos Lázár , Zoltán Lázár, and Zoltán Lázár junior, also on view the competition carriages and horse tack. You can also enjoy watching a video of the competition.

Hungarian domestic breeds (puli dog, racka sheep, mangalica pigs, Hungarian grey cattle), and the ponies who perform in the horse show live here.

Guests can meet the Nonius and Lipizzaner horses who perform in the horse theatre show here.

Located in a nature reserve, the beautifully kept, nine-hectare park, where the flowers bloom in every season, never fails to impress the visitor.

Every dining hall has its own, separated, free carpark. One of these can accommodate more than ten buses. If needed, we can provide parking for several hundred cars.

In Spring 2019 the interactive carriage Museum will be complete to show the history of carriage driving from the beginning right up to the success of the Lázár brothers today. Special carriages will also be on display.

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