Covid restrictions

Please book our weekend programs online to avoid contact upon entry.

All our workers start their daily tasks after declaring that they are healthy and were not in contact with infected person in the past days.

Please keep safety distance from one another in the Park.

Please use the contact free hand sanitizer placed at the entrance of each lodge.

Masks must be worn in the lodges, except while at your table.

Upon taking our buffet lunch please consider the following hygienic rules:

  • each company has their own table, our waiters will show you the way to yours
  • we marked a waiting point to avoid crowd at the buffet tables
  • we provide possibility to sanitise your hands upon entry to the lodge and also while around the buffet tables

  • upon serving ask for the help of our colleagues or use the disposable gloves
  • please use your mask while at the buffet table!
  • please follow the path of the buffet tables to avoid unnecessary contact with the other guests
  • we take orders at the tables at all times

Surfaces commonly used by guests and the staff are disinfected several times a day.

Reception desk and the pens used there are frequently disinfected.

At our playground all the wooden, metal and plastic parts are disinfected twice a day. We avoid putting toys such as buckets and spades out in the sand pit.

Within these circumstances it is not possible to use the air conditioner. Instead, we cool the lodges before the guests would arrive and we vent if necessary.

Objects in contact with guests (plates, glasses, cutlery, etc.) are cleaned on long program with high temperature.

Our colleagues working at the bar and the buffet tables must wear mask and gloves.

Our cleaning department takes care of the hourly cleaning and disinfectation of the bathrooms.

In the bathrooms we have soap with a disinfecting effect.

All surfaces are being disinfected after the guests leave the Park.

In our Lazareum museum we limit the number of visitors; mask must be worn in the building.

All of our colleagues are required to wear mask in all closed places, covering both the mouth and the nose.

During the horse show please keep the 1,5m safety distance between separate groups. Guests can take a seat in every second row. We will emphasise this upon the beginning of the show.

Domonyvölgy, 2021. február 3.

Price quotation

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    2182 Domonyvölgy, Fenyő utca 47.
    GPS: N47.62949 E19.40773

    +36 28 576 510

    +36 28 576 511


    At your service:
    György Darázs, director: +36 30 396-8002
    Barbara Kocsis  sales manager: +36 30 871 3424
    Mariann Fanyar-Aszódi, sales manager: +36 30 683 5341

    /Please discuss the event’s menu with the colleagues above!/
    Balázs Madarász: +36 30 683 1212

    Stud Master:
    Gábor Szegedi: +36 30 229 5496
    /horse trading, fodder purchasing, hiring grooms/

    Company details:

    Name of company: CBA L és F Kft.
    Address: 2182 Domony-Domonyvölgy, Fenyő u. 47.
    VAT number: 10783933-2-13
    EU VAT number: HU 10783933
    Company Registration number: 13-09-081074
    Licence number: 18/2014 (Domony Község Önkormányzata)
    Statistic id. number: 10783933-4711-113-13

    Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
    Bank address: 1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 21.
    HUF bank account: 11794008-20501905-00000000
    HUF IBAN: HU 89 11794008-20501905-00000000
    Swift: OTPVHUHB
    Euro bank account: 11763945-00237888-00000000
    Euro IBAN: HU 85 11763945-00237888-00000000
    Swift: OTPVHUHB

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