This is a Green Venue

Dear Guests,

Below we would like to share with you the efforts taken to reduce our environmental impact and to operate in an energy efficient way.

  1. Installation of solar panels on the south-west roof of the covered riding arena and heat pump installation in the newly erected building. A restaurant in general is an energy-intensive operation, just think of the power consumption of air conditioners, catering equipment, in-house laundry and the large amount of hot water. Solar panels and heat pumps can effectively solve this costly, energy-intensive problem. In optimal cases, they can cover nearly 50% of our energy needs. Temperature control in the rooms of the riders’ accommodation is provided by centrally controlled individual fan coil units. We aim to use these technologies in future developments as well.

  2. We have set up car charging stations in our car park.

  3. We have joined the National Cycle Friendly Services Network. We have set up bike racks in our car park and are ready to welcome cyclists (pump, repair kit, free water, recommendation of routes).

  4. Over the years, we have completely replaced the lighting systems with energy efficient LED technology, achieving significant reductions in consumption and eliminating unnecessary heat generation.

  5. Waste generated during the operation of the park is selected and collected in separate containers, which are removed in their entirety from the site. A waste compactor has also been purchased to reduce the volume of waste.

  6. We collect the empty printer toner cartridges generated by office work and hand them over to specialised contract partners who recycle them. We also dispose of spent batteries, accumulators and spent fluorescent tubes and bulbs

  7. We source our vegetables, meat and cheese from partners in the same region. In sourcing all our kitchen ingredients, we aim to work with local produce and to source as close to home as possible, minimising the environmental impact of transport. Examples of our products include eggs, pickles, jams, cheese, spices and vegetables.

  8. We strive to waste as little food as possible, we compost and at major events, if there is excess food left over, our partner Food Bank will take it away.

  9. 9. We serve purified water produced by our own water purifier (in our own glass bottles) and carbonated water (in our own soda bottles) continuously filled by our partner Szi-víz, as sparkling water.
  10. The majority of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, the company Hagleitner provides sustainable hygiene: raw materials are eco-certified, high concentrations save plastic, system refills reduce emissions, plastic is recycled. Production takes place in one place, in an energy-saving way – in Zell am See. Hagleitner has been our partner for more than 10 years.

  11. In order to reduce the amount of printed documents, we use online invoicing, which means that invoices are usually sent by email and only printed at the explicit request of our guests, thus reducing the amount of paper used. We prefer to use QR code instead of printed guest information leaflets.

  12. 12. Parts of the stables and inns also provide a safe haven and shelter for the protected colony of the House martins which are our returning guests year after year. We try to protect and shelter their nests with trays to support them.

  13. 13. Every year, before the start of the season, our team clears the forest roads surrounding the park of any litter.

  14. 14. The proportion of our green spaces and landscaped areas has been maintained continuously (for 22 years), and we have planted many trees over the years. We have replaced the evergreens that died with more resistant species (yew).

  15. We contribute to the maintenance of the highly protected dry grassland of Bárányjárás, a Natura 2000 park, by grazing our animals.

We also ask you to contribute, if you can, to reducing the environmental burden by taking into account the following suggestions:

  1. 1. For self service meals, please take only what you are sure to eat. Help us to curb food waste!
  2. 2. Domonyvölgy is a valley of natural beauty. We recommend you to explore the area by bicycle, on foot or by public transport (bus).
  3. 3. During the excursions and guided tours to the forests of the Gödöllő Hills, please pay attention to the protection of the forests, please do not litter in the forest!
  4. 4. Keeping the windows closed to optimise the room temperature helps to increase the efficiency of the air conditioning or heating, so that the energy used for cooling/heating is actually used to its intended purpose.
  5. 5. If you do not need a paper invoice, please request one online.

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